Skeeter-EEZ Inc.
All Natural Wearable pouch!!
Helps keep bugs away naturally. MADE IN USA
         Keep Bugs Away Naturally-With Skeeter-EEZ! Just Wear One-And You're Done !

 Outdoor fun hasn't changed much over the years and neither has insect repellent-UNTIL NOW! Skeeter-EEZ is pest protection your whole family can comfortably wear. Finally, there's a better safer way to protect your family from biting insects.

Traditional insect repellents contain harmful DEET, and need to be re-applied, over and over,
all day long. With Skeeter-EEZ, just wear one and you're done!!
-Convenient and easy to use
-Made of non-toxic, all natural organic ingredients,
-Safe to use on the entire family" Yes safe for children"
-No harmful CFC’s
-One pouch lasts virtually up to 40 days
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Skeeter-EEZ is a non-toxic, all natural, biodegradable,
safe for children and pets pouch to keep bugs away.
Simply hang the designer pouch around your neck or clip to your clothes
for unbeatable pest protection that lasts up to 40 days! Skeeter-EEZ contains no harsh chemicals or harmful CFC’s and is a perfect pest protection for your whole family.
The perfect accessory for any/all outdoor activities such as, fishing, hunting, golf, sports and more!
Just wear one, and you’re done! 






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Skeeter-EEZ Inc. 2008 is a licensed product from the Inventor that holds strong patents for the Utility of a wearable pest repellant product not in design only. Skeeter-EEZ Inc. defends the rights of  our License and the Inventor from product theft. We will come after anyone and everyone in violation of protected patents.                                   

Skeeter-EEZ Inc. brand is a licensed trademark of Skeeter-EEZ Inc. Inc. 2009    all rights reserved         patented product       


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