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Filmed our infomercial in August 2011 in Fort Myers Florida.

In the News August 2011 on NBC 2 Fort Myers/Cape Coral Job creation.

Skeetereez had a write up in North American Hunting Club Magazine this past fall.
As a promotion, we sent 600 Skeetereez pouches out to some of their 800,000 members. We wanted them to try the Skeetereez product and decide for themselves if they loved it. North American Hunting Club Magazine required that at least 400 members had to say they loved it before they would endorse our Skeetereez product.

Well it was an overwhelming response with a HUGE positive feedback! That's when North American Hunting Club Magazine wrote about us and endorsed our product.

Thanks to all the North American Hunting Club Magazine members. You are great!

We also send many Skeetereez pouches to help sponsor many charity drives such as:
1. Disaster relief projects in Africa, Haiti, Texas and Louisiana.
2. Local church charity drives to help send our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan special supplies they need to make them feel more at home.
3. The Samaritans Purse Foundation in Africa

Skeetereez believes in helping our friends and neighbors in need during the critical times we face from day to day. We always strive to help anyone any way we can. Over the next few years we promise to do even more as we grow and expand.

News Flash : See us on NBC 2 talking about job creation